Monday, April 9, 2012

Week 15: Spring Clean the rest of the Downstairs

Spring is in the air and as I was working on the bedroom and the bath downstairs (rather as I thought about working on them), I knew the job would only be half-done if I didn't finish the rec room and kitchen downstairs so this week, I am finishing our finished basement.  It's mostly my husband's area, so I'll have to be careful when it comes to the cleaning out of cabinets and such, but then hopefully I'll get that area on a regular rotation so I am not fearful about sending my LRHB down to play in bare feet (that he'll come back with black-bottomed feet).

I must say as I've picked up blogging a second site, and reading several sites now, I am not nearly as productive as I used to be.  Now, I've only another 18 days or so to go on the other site and then I'll probably kiss it farewell.  And I've actually got the blog reading down to a system, I just need to read and move along on my day.  As I open my top bathroom drawer (you remember that one, the one I swept all the stuff into so that I could finish cleaning my bathroom how long ago), I think to myself, I really need to clean that out.  Maybe next week.  I also know I have slipped a bit back into the habit of playing computer games.  That too needs to take a hike.  But I continue to work-out and I am back on dry land activities... I've been biking and I am quite enjoying it.  I have a 5 minute mile down flat (considering that I think it was more like an 8 minute mile when I started a few weeks back, I am pretty proud) and I really enjoy my "work-out" time.  Breakfast is a steady daily habit and I feel so much better than back in January.  So, if you are along this journey with me, I hope you'll take a moment to recall where you were in January and what growth you've made along the way.  I am shooting for a more organized me now that I am a bit healthier with my diet and my exercising.  Happy Monday!

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