Monday, April 2, 2012


I finished shortly before 9 last night, but both kids rooms were spring cleaned... drawers cleaned out, room dusted, stuff cleared off dressers and thrown or put away, vacuumed, the whole works.  We'd already done clothes for LRHB and Teen Boy is stagnant in growth so no need to go through his clothes.  It feels good to have that done!

Week 11 was read a good book.  Well, College Boy was on his way until his text books for the next semester came along with a read about medical school.  He poured over that med school advice book so I consider that a good read.  Teen Boy read stuff, but not the books we had set out, although he is halfway through one of them (that his Gramma asked him to read a year ago! so that he could advise her on age appropriateness).  LRHB was reading the Henry & Mudge series.  Did you know there are 28 books in that series?  He read 22 of them!  So proud!  Together we read Stuart Little and yesterday morning we curled up under the blanket on the couch and watched the movie.  Then we chatted about the similarities and differences.  Love those moments!  I had books that are due back to the library so I am almost done with The Girls from Ames.  Wish I could remember how I stumbled across this fantastic tale!  And of course I read The Journal of Best Practices.

And having made it 14 weeks into this journey, I've discovered a couple things... I love blogging.  I am becoming more productive.  And on the weeks that I give vague goals to help many of you to come along with me, I don't always get done what I want.  But the weeks that I am very specific (last week Spring Cleaning was broad but for me it was do the 2 bedrooms), I get my true goals accomplished so some weeks I will be continuing to go broad and narrow down for myself while other weeks I will be very specific. 

Week 14:  Spring Clean the bathroom and bedroom in the basement.  Happy Monday

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