Thursday, March 28, 2013

Resolution #10

Though it has been many years, I can still remember the shock I felt when someone told me they had had professionals in to clean the outside of their kitchen cabinets.  Really?  I mean, REALLY!  I guess, if you have the money and it isn't a task you can bear, than go for it.  But, when I created my list of things to accomplish in 2013, cleaning the outside of the kitchen cabinets was on it, so it was a job I tackled.  Now, maybe you love cleaning and stay on top of it in which case, we need to spend more time together so that you can rub off on me.  Cleaning the outside of the kitchen cabinets is NOT a regular job around here unless of course it is an obvious thing.  I must say, as I smelled the clean smell and say the shine, I felt like I should do it more often than every few years.  Just saying!

Tackle that cleaning job that needs to be done more often!  Told you I'd been busy!

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