Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Our Lenten Journey

As I look back over Lent, I had such HIGH HOPES for learning and teaching and being a devout person.  I printed off a bunch of stuff to teach LRHB all about choosing a new Pope.  Then they chose him in like a New York minute so that we didn't get to do that.  I did hours of research on Saints and Feast Days.  In reality, those hours would have been better spent teaching what little I did know or learning together.  I registered for Holy Heroes Lenten Adventure for LRHB.  Didn't do any of those.  So, near as I can figure it, with five days to go to Easter, we've done very little to prepare ourselves.  In fact, our annual bean jar didn't come out until last weekend.  LRHB is lamenting that he's not going to get many jelly beans INSTEAD of lamenting that he hasn't prepared or been preparing for Lent.  However, MY GOD doesn't want me to beat myself up, he wants me to move forward and prepare.  So I am going to recount what we've done and what we're doing this week.

  1. Researched Saints and Feast Days.  Now I did learn about Saints and Feast Days.  Perhaps, I will share and perhaps not.  But the couple of hours I spent reading should count, right?
  2. Read the Rhyme Time Bible about Exodus and the story of Moses.
  3. LRHB joined me for the above.
  4. Watched Prince of Egypt and discussed further the story of Moses.
  5. LRHB joined me for the above
  6. Read the "real" Bible about Exodus and the story of Moses which was much more detailed.
  7. LRHB joined me for the above.
  8. Teen Boy (under duress) joined me for the above.
  9. Teen Boy went to Mass.  Perhaps I shouldn't count this, but it was such a blessing to me as he'd not gone in a long while.  In fact, he was sick at Christmas and didn't go then.
  10. Discussed the Papal election process and read to the LRHB For the Children, Words of Love and Inspiration from His Holiness Pope John Paul II.
So ten steps down and 30 to go. 

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