Thursday, March 28, 2013

Resolution #9

Tackle a paperwork job!  See, part of my issue with getting the mail is SO MUCH IS JUNK!  I'm working on it.  And last year I set up this fabulous system for shredding.  I put the shredder in a box, and then I put the papers that need to be shredded into the box.  Then the box begins to overflow.  Then I move the box, add a bag, do anything but actually shred.  So, I set aside a week last month to begin shredding.  I shredded while I waited for  my coffee or while my email loaded.  I shredded each morning until the darn thing overheated.  I tried to remember to have Teen Boy shred when he got home, but most days he ignored me, and so therefore though it mostly got done,  it didn't completely get done.  But we're finishing it this week over Spring Break.

Maybe you have a stack of very important papers to file or to deliver to a safe deposit box or to mail.  Maybe you just have a huge stack of magazines that need to be read or recycled.  Tackle some paperwork job and you'll feel accomplished.  Even though we haven't finished, now that the papers are no longer in multiple boxes, I feel better!

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