Thursday, March 28, 2013

Resolution #6

Remember about this time last year (or rather last winter) when I was taking back control of my home one room at a time?  I have to tel you again, sometime in the hosting of guests and the stockpiling of stuff, I lost the control again.  However, that's not where I'm headed today.  In my final moment to be FINISHED with my bathroom (old medicines - gone, old jewelry - gone), I swiped EVERYTHING left on the counter, all that stuff that didn't have a place, yet, into the top drawer.  I dumped the drawer and cleaned it out.  More icky jewelry.  What do you do with those buttons that remind you of something great?  I'm sure there is something on Pintrest, but I don't do Pintrest.  Half used samples... really?  What was I thinking?

Anyway, you have a drawer like that... I know it.  You dread looking in it for anything cause you'll just be reminded of what a disaster it is.  Join me.  Clean it out!  I must say, I put those buttons back in a box and back in that drawer, for another day, however, I love that I can open it now with PRIDE!

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