Thursday, March 28, 2013

Resolution #8

Be healthy.  Maybe you've been putting off that mammogram.  I must say DON'T!  My friend's breast cancer was a stage 0 because they found it when she went for her BASELINE mammo.  Seriously.  Maybe you've got a funny spot.  Or worse, your kiddo does and your hairdresser found it 2 months ago when trimming their hair and have now found it again and reminded you again.  Maybe you have a pathological fear of the Dentist.  I promise you, dental care providers are truly loving people that just want to help keep you healthy!  I digress...

Make that appointment you've been procrastinating about making.  Maybe you can even convince your spouse that you'll go with him if it is HIS appointment that needs to be made.  Putting your head in the sand never solved anything.  Appointments for myself, LRHB and maybe Hero Daddy are the tip of the ice berg.

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