Thursday, May 17, 2012

Update on 18, 19, 20

Ceiling fans.... still dirty.  Maybe today!
Adding a strengthening exercise... hula-hoop still in closet. 
Taking 10 breaths... actually the only one I've worked on.  And I've discovered that I cannot do it.  Not straight.  I could only do 2-3 at first.  By the time I got to 3, I'd start coughing.  My body would FREAK.  But I can do 4 now.  Babysteps.  I think the trick might be to sit in a quiet spot and maybe stretch first and then take them.  Of course, I only remember when I am driving the car (which is quite often) so posture isn't always the best, but I have worked on that.  That might be why I'm up to 4.  I never thought it would be hard.  I thought the hard part would be remembering to do it.  That part I do... I just cannot do 10.  yet.

Other updates... I raced Sweet LM's princess to the park from the parking lot yesterday and was NOT out of breath when I arrived... YAHOO!  I am committed to working out and getting fit.  I am committed to 1 plate of food at dinner.  Anything more than that now makes me sick all evening long.  I am headed to mail packages to sweet nieces and my Goddaughter today... hooray for keeping in touch.  I am going to try to stay out of the grocery store today... after all we're going out of town so what could we possibly need?  I am still taking my vitamin each morning and calcium supplement most days!  I am trying to keep my faith in the forefront of my life by being committed this summer to our bible study group summer book read.   I do feel frustrated as I go through my life not quite accomplishing everything I'd like.  But then I remember that when I set off on this journey, I wasn't working part-time or full-time and while on this path, both of those things have sprung forth.  Focus on the positive.  Renew yourself.  Happy Thursday!

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