Monday, May 14, 2012


So I am passionate about reading and books.  It is one reason that I tutored reading the last two years (until starting to work full time).  And I must say, it would really BLOW MY MIND when the little ones would come back from a break like Thanksgiving or Spring Break and it was VERY apparent that they hadn't read the entire time.  Or been read to.  REALLY!?  I mean holiday times are the best times to read fun stories and bond!

My poor kids... I tie MANY MANY things to reading.  "Want to go outside and play?  Sure, IF you've done your reading."  "Want to climb into bed with me this morning?  Sure... bring a book to read and we'll read together."  "Want to play video games?  How much reading have you done?  That's how much gaming you can do."  (Actually, I know that my kids aren't poor kids for having a mom force stuff like reading on them.  In reality, they are far richer for it.  Bygones...)

But more than that, I plan for fun reading stuff.  Like at Spring Break when we read Stuart Little and then curled up after to watch the movie.  And then he read some Stuart Little Adventures that were his age level.  Or right now, we're doing a whole JAZZ unit because he showed an interest in Louis Armstrong. I've read some biographies to him, some Jazz poetry and some jazz stories.  He's listened to Jazz music at bedtime.  And he's read a biography to himself for his reading time.  When I finish this I am going to go online to see if there is a jazz appropriate type movie for him to watch.  This is how you make reading come alive for kids.  I also have several Doreen Cronin books checked out... for our next unit.  Just fun, silly books that we can then see come alive on the Scholastic DVD that I also got from the library.  I am really thinking of doing something this summer for reading... like a kid reading book club.  Last summer, several of us on the summer swim team read Mr. Popper's Penguins and then went to see the movie in the thearter.  So maybe something like that.  Mulling it over.  (as a side note, the book was FABULOUS!  the movie, fine.)

I just felt like I had a lot to say about reading.  And yes, The Reading Promise, by Alice Ozma did get my fires burning about books.  And if you are in a rut with how to inspire your kiddos to read or what to read... leave me a comment or email me!  I love talking books... especially for kids.  Happy Monday!

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