Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday Morning Mayhem

So it is Monday morning and SURPRISE I am running behind.  So I get the Angels loaded to take Teen Boy to school (I mean we're really running behind) and notice that the LRHB doesn't have shoes so he cannot go to the store which is where I was headed next to get flowers for Staff Appreciation Week.  In the end, I got sidetracked by FB during breakfast, barely dressed on time, grabbed flowers from my own birthday bouquet to give to the teacher (and the rest of the teachers will enjoy my breakfast casseroles tomorrow) and out the door on-time to get LRHB to school not at all late but RIGHT ON TIME!  Then to the gas station for fill-up (choke, gasp, wheeze at the cost... sorry those of you in CA) and I still was going to be EARLY to drop off the Boy Angel at Preschool.  OH, LOOK!  The drive-thru Starbuck's that I used to frequent weekly on the way to playgroup/bible study, both, etc. 

So, since I hardly go any more and since I left without coffee, tea, fizzy drink, shake, anything, I decided that a White Chocolate Mocha (nonfat, no whip) would suffice for breakfast until I got back from running errands with the Girl Angel.  I mean milk with sugar is better than nothing, right?!  If only I got that.  I'm not sure WHAT I got, but it wasn't right.  UGH!  Nothing worse than treating yourself to $4 coffee to discover it is NOT what you want and quite not tasty.  So, since I'll be coming back by here after dropping off at preschool, I decide to stop back by and get it made right. I mean, isn't that what they are all about? 

So after the drop-off, I go back and decide I really need to go in to get this fixed... I'm not going to hold up the drive-thru line.  Unload sleeping Girl Angel who wakes up cause she's slept for a good 30 minutes which is a good morning nap (slept right through the drop-off!) and head inside.  I took one more sip to make sure that I wasn't losing my mind, shook the cup a little first and NOPE still doesn't taste right.  And now, almost 30 minutes later, it is cool.  After waiting for the register challenged lady to fix the order before, (print out/void not right, asks other lady a third time how to fix at which point that lady says we'll fix it later), there is now a line starting to back up behind me when there was none when I walked up.  "Can I help you?"  I explain my drink situation and she explains it to the other lady who takes my cup, reads it and disappears.  So register lady says, do I need anything else?  I said, how about some pumpkin bread for my trouble.  She says ABSOLUTELY and gets me some.  At that moment, I am THRILLED with the COFFEE KING:  STARBUCKS.  Didn't taste my drink until I get outside.  Well, the flavor is finally right, sort of.  But it isn't warm.  In fact, near as I can figure out, she just pumped and pumped and pumped the flavor syrup into my drink and put on a new top and handed it back.  So "Can you help me?"  APPARENTLY NOT! 

SERIOUSLY?  They DIDN'T REMAKE MY DRINK?!  Now I have a WAY too sweet, cool cup of coffee.  ICK!  SERIOUSLY!  I didn't go back inside.  I was too ticked off and will attack them through the website.  And through my blog.  What is this?  Revenge because I am watching my pennies, nickels, dimes and dollars and treating Starbucks like the treat my budget can afford, not the daily indulgence?  REALLY?!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  So irked.  $4 crappy cup of coffee.  Monday Morning Mayhem at its best.  Hope your day is off to a better start! 

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