Sunday, May 6, 2012

Book 20

So no resolutions to speak of in site.  However, I did finish another fun book by Janet Evanovich:  The Rocky Road to Romance.  I did mix it up a little... first a mystery, now a romance.  And I was with some friends last night and we were discussing the 50 Shades of Gray that everyone seems to have everyone talking.  A friend said her daughter (graduating senior) wanted to read it and so the awesome mom that my friend is did some research first and then read it herself.  "NO" said the mom to the daughter.  And mom read some to her hubby and he said "NO" also.  I told her if she wanted some good clean, fun romance novels for her daughter, she should try out my flavor of the year, Janet Evanovich.  They knew her from her mysteries, but not her romances.  I really think this is a great target audience for these books.  For example, in The Rocky Road to Romance, there is a section where they go at it on the kitchen table.  I completely missed it until there was a reference made to it later.  Oh.  Hmmm.  Had to read between the lines a bit.  So if you have a teen-aged girl looking for something to read that isn't babyish, but rather entertaining, this book is right up there for me.  Enjoy!

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