Sunday, May 20, 2012

Oh the Places You'll Go!

So the LRHB and I went to a ballgame this afternoon.  A local triple A game for Little League Day.  The Little League teams paraded around the warning track before the game.  But my boy didn't march with them.  He was going to march with them, in spite of the cast.  However, he got a better offer.  He got to be one of the guys that threw out the first pitch.  I mean, 5 guys got to do it, but he was one of them.  And he almost made it to the catcher without the bounce!  My friend John the Insurance King made it happen.  And can I tell ya, it was COOL!  Couple of dogs, a brew for me and some dippin dots for him, some popcorn and great weather.  So why do we only go once a year... it's fun!  So I challenge you, make time for the simple pleasures of watching the local team play this summer!  I plan on trying to drag some of our summer friends with us!

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