Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Cousin Whom I Love and Adore...

So my cousin is one of those guys that had we lived in the South in the mid 1800's, we'd have probably been married to each other.  Let's call him Cousin Handsome.  There have been many times in my life that I have wished I could be a little bit more like him... more adventurous, more smart, more world traveled, more dedicated, more bald.  Just had to throw that last one in.

Anyhoo, I wouldn't have missed his wedding to the sweetest gal (which sounds so condescending considering how intelligent she is, but she is sweet!) for the world and had a wonderful time reconnecting with the cousins (his siblings) and their families.  That was last October.  Fast-forward to January when Cousin Handsome started sending me his blogs to read.  Yes, it took me a month to get to it.  However, I wouldn't miss them now for the world.  Some of them make me laugh.  Some make me cry.  Some both.  And some just open my eyes to stuff I didn't know about... both about our world and about him.  So I invite you to read... here is the link to his latest!


If you have an extra nickel or two, they are always looking for donations since it is a tax deductible organization.  And might I add, he has the best volunteer proof-reader in the world... MOI!  I mean, since about the beginning of March.   So if you find an error, please let me know (gently... like I gently let Cousin Handsome know that he needed me to fill that volunteer position).  Happy Tuesday!

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