Monday, May 21, 2012

18, 19, 20 and 21

During Lent, a blogger I read (Shower of Roses) said that they had a 40 days of Lent plan that they had amended to follow to eliminate stuff (possessions) during Lent.  Her plan was based on an article by Dale O'Leary, "Shaking Off the Bonds of Stuff... for Lent".  I asked her to send it to me thinking that I might find future Resolutions in that list.  I also was curious... it seemed like an ambitious plan because at the time she mentioned that she was cleaning out her laundry room (sound familiar) and I thought if every day was like that, GOOD GRAVY, that would be all I was doing!  Having read the article, some days are much more simple.  Cleaning out the cars was another idea I got from that, but setting aside one bag of plastic grocery bags (day 31) or paper bags (day 32) and recycling the rest is unnecessary... apparently I stay on top of those things... good for me!

I digress, of course.  So as I was rereading the list to get an idea for this coming week, I was looking for something simple.  That actually needed to be done.  Going through the medicines is done... did that when cleaning out the bathroom and linen closet.  Throw out catalogs... not necessary... WHEN I actually get the mail, they get automatically recycled.  Perhaps I should figure out a way to get off of their list.  But when I think of it, I am only really on a couple mailing lists.  So an easy thing to do that really needs to be done.  Yahoo... that's the plan.  Now to figure out how to do that... do you know?  Let me know in the comments below... that is Resolution #21... stop getting the catalogs you no longer want. 

About 18.. Deep cleansing breaths.  Funny story to come later... still working on it.
#19 - Next up today.  Or tomorrow. 
#20 - Moved hoop from Closet... baby steps.

Did you add a strengthening exercise?  Can you take 10 deep cleansing breaths?  Do you have something you really need to clean, but you keep procrastinating?  If so, inspire me.  I need it this week.

Happy Monday!

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