Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Top 5 Reasons May Sweeps are Giving Me the Blues

So I am a TV junkie. It's my thing. Now I will mention that now that I make time for reading and working out, my TV watching is down. Discussed picking up several shows that I ended up not watching (dumped an entire recorded season of Pan Am after they failed to renew it and watch Smash once. just once. seemed interesting, but...). But I love my TV... and I am loyal to the bitter end (ER for example). And I usually love the May Sweeps in SPITE of the cliffhangers we are usually subjected to each year. However, this year the May Sweeps are giving me the blues. And if you keep reading and haven't watched your shows, you may find a spoiler so read with that warning

So here we are: The Top 5 Reasons that May Sweeps are Giving me the Blues:

5) One show I picked up and laughed long and hard over got cancelled... GCB. I mean, that would have totally taken the Desperate Housewives demo... according to me.
4) They only picked up Private Practice for 13 episodes next season... can we say final season.
3) Shows ending this month: Desperate Housewives, House, In Plain Sight. Out of those 3, so far I've only watched DH and it left me a bit sad. No chat about weekends together once a year. Or how of course Susan and Lynette should see each other regularly since they have a grandchild together. Seemed like they took too long tying up the story and not enough time sending it off right. If that makes sense. But I can say that Karen McClusky ROCKED!
2) Prentiss leaving Criminal Minds. Although at least they didn't kill her off so she can visit or they can work cases together. And at least they finally had J.J and Will get married. But boy was that episode a stressful show! And I will miss her on the team... she FIT. And fit good.
1) Killing Lexie Grey. WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!!

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