Monday, May 7, 2012

RESOLUTIONS... 18, 19 and 20

YES, I am ambitious this week.  I've been reading over notes and praying for guidance for this little journey of mine.  And that is what stuck out in my mind... it is MY journey.  The rest of you are just along for the fun of it.  So if I want to choose ANOTHER  cleaning resolution, I can.  But I am tired of those as well so I went back to the well.  And read stuff on the Internet that caught my attention about making changes.  I got INSPIRED!  I did.  So here we go:

18:  Take 10 deep cleansing breaths each day.  It lowers the blood pressure.  It clears out the lungs.  It relaxes us.  And some other stuff I forgot about soon after reading it.  I thought it was an interesting little article since when my friends sweet LM's son is having an meltdown (or daughter), I tell her to breathe.  So that is it.  Take 10 DEEP cleansing breaths a day.  Not sure if you need to take all of them at once... I can see that sending me into hyperventilation so I'll let you know what I discover.

19:  Clean the ceiling fans.  Yes another cleaning one.  But it needs to be done so I can use them.  DESPERATELY.  I am afraid to turn them on for the dust that may run amok.

20:  Add a strengthening exercise to your daily routine.  Maybe just some early morning sit-ups to strengthen those abs.  Maybe you want to tone those arms for wearing tank tops.  Just so you know, untoned arms of mine will be sporting tanks ALL SPRING AND SUMMER LONG.  I'm just sayin.  So add a strengthening exercise to your daily routine.  Mine is using the weighted hula hoop I bought after Christmas when I returned the sweatshirt my husband bought me for Christmas.  Then I took the money his mom sent me and got me a REALLY AWESOME hoodie from the college that my son attends.  ROCKIN.  I had started using the hoop a few times a week when the ankle thing happened.  Yes, the ankle thing in January.  I just couldn't do it after that.  Then it got moved.  And moved again.  And I found it in my closet.  So I think I will get it out of the closet and use it.

I am REALLY INSPIRED and I hope you are too!  Have a wonderful week! 

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