Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sporting a BLUE Cast...

LRHB was running the 50 yard dash on Monday.  It was Field Day!  He tripped in a hole.  Later he recalled that he heard something go "POP", but he got up and ran across the finish line finishing 2nd behind the best girl friend he has.  He was okay losing to her.  I picked him up after school and he hobbled into the car... "What's wrong?"  Sprained my ankle, he replied.  "Hmmmm"  (No one ever said I was overly sympathetic).  When we got home he requested going outside to play.  Sure... ankle must be fine, right?  So he gets up yesterday and says it still hurts so I press on the bone just above where it juts out and he nearly jumps out of his skin.  Hmmmm, painful.  In the break spot.  Call the doctor.  Now I know about that spot because 2 years ago (nearly exactly), Teen boy fractured his ankle.  He, also, walked around on it for a couple days.  He had to be non-weight bearing for 2 weeks.  Oh boy!  My life may have just gotten really complicated.  So LRHB, the angels and I headed first to the doctor, then to get X-rays.  Thank heavens for angels that listen to stories and play quietly!  The phone call comes:  You have a 2:00 pm appt TODAY with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.  YIKES!  So, a swimmer boy friend watched the house while the angels slept and off LRHB and I headed to meet this pediatric orthopedic surgeon (Dr. POS).  Dr. POS came in with a great bedside manner and quickly explained that yes, it was broken; yes the growth plate was involved; yes, we'd be casting it today; yes he could run and play on it; and finally, yes, it would come off in two weeks.  REALLY!  2 WEEKS!  We can do anything for two weeks.   Especially when it doesn't involve a crutches or momma carrying him around!  So now he's sporting a blue cast.  And a surgical shoe for walking around on it.  He came home and headed outside to hang with the friends.  However, he crashed HARD last night.  And he only made it through half day of school today.  He's really a trooper.  When not hurting, he's ready to go, go, go.  But then he overdoes it and is cranky, cranky, cranky.  A conundrum.   

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