Sunday, June 15, 2014

Time Flies...

I CANNOT believe it has been a month.  Although I am tempted to jump back into blogging with both feet and spend several hours writing today about books, book clubs, resolutions, races and life, I am instead committing to writing a little EVERY DAY for the next 8 weeks.  By then, I should have gotten caught up on everything, and it seems a realistic goal.

This week starts the 25th week of the year.  Going forward will require time to go back and research what I did when, what I read, what happened in my world that set it upside down and what goals I have accomplished.

Join me over the next 8 weeks while I recommit to myself, my blog, my goals.

And I am going to now play games with LRHB and prepare a great dinner for Hero Daddy on this day that honors daddies.

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