Wednesday, May 14, 2014


So I feel a little bit silly about being so proud about running 8 minutes straight.  TWICE in a work-out.  Because:  TODAY I RAN FOR 20 MINUTES STRAIGHT!

It took serious talking myself into it.  And it was funny because at the moment that I just didn't think I could do it, God put a message in front of me and rejuvenated my spirit.  OKC beat the Clippers.  In the last seconds of the game.  We'd given up!  It couldn't happen, but it did.  And I didn't think I could do it and then I knew I could.  Let me be clear, I'm not an NBA fan nor an OKC fan (Teen Boy is).  I still saw the message loud and clear.  Now, these legs have got to get me through the day!

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