Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Back in the Kitchen Resolution 13 & 14

I mentioned I was going through my house, one room at a time this year, cleaning up and out.  Although I had worked on cleaning out some cabinets, I then paused in my great kitchen clean up/out.  Back to it, I filled my bucket with Murphy's Oil Soap and hot water and wiped those cabinets down (Resolution 13).  I must say, having done it last year, it was much easier to do this year.  Next, I moved onto my wooden chairs, table and bar stools.  My understanding is that wooden furniture needs to be oiled on a regular basis.  My (new) goal is to oil it once a year (Resolution 14).  

To visit Resolution 8, I was excellent at clearing out old plastic containers, misc baby items, wicker paper plate holders, candy making molds and kitchen tools I do not use, I didn't manage to eliminate the cut glassware or the abundance of cookie cutters and jello molds.  Some things hold too much sentimental value.  Others are too much of a pain to wrap and donate.  I think you can figure out which was which.

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