Thursday, June 26, 2014

Resolution 16 - Volunteer

I have always been a big volunteer-er.  I have done the PTA thing from elementary through high school.  I've been the room mom, served on district level committees, band mom, copy mom, yearbook mom.  I've been the VBS volunteer and taught RE and mentored Confirmation candidates.  Now I have a young one and I am starting over.  Sort of.  This time around, I am choosier about how I volunteer my time.  There are things I love to do... I love to cook so making food for a staff luncheon (even though I am staff), I like to do.  I like keeping score for baseball.  It keeps me in the game.  I'm not interested in doing the PTA thing, again.  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.  I want to help in my church, but I am waiting for the right position, the right time.  I actually hope it comes when my student is a middle-school student... that is a hard age to engage in church and if I am there, he'll have to be too.

Volunteering as a family is fun.  We've done nights at church where we've put together bags for the homeless and written notes to the home bound.  LRHB and I will cook and deliver meals to those who need them, post-surgery, new baby, dad on deployment.  Someone always needs a meal.  So I am asking you to look around at an opportunity that you can do, or do with someone.  Give back.  It feels amazing!  LRHB and I have committed to do a meal a month, 12 meals this year. 

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