Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Resolution 15 - Clean Out Extra School Supplies

I am fortunate that my son's school does a school supply purchase program and that I can afford to take advantage of it.  In May, I click on the link in our weekly newsletter and enter my son's grade along with my credit card information.  In August, when he arrives at school, his supplies are there waiting for him.  No fighting the crowds in Target or Walmart or Office Depot trying to find the best price on crayons and folders.  However, each year at the end of the year, some of those supplies come home, barely or not used.  At some point, I learned that instead of putting those away in a closet, they go in a box for one of the many programs in town that collect supplies for students in need.  I also go into my school supply cabinet and clear out the extra boxes of crayons or markers we may have accumulated throughout the year.  Chances are, if we haven't used it in a year, we are not going to use it and someone else might benefit.  I would encourage you to consider cleaning out your school supplies, donating them to the less fortunate.

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