Monday, June 16, 2014

Book Club

Our book club chose Black Beauty for our most recent novel.  I don't ever remember reading it when I was a kid!  I loved that although some of the girls had seen the movie, none had ever read the book.  LRHB and I got a late start and finished it the afternoon of the movie watching.  Someone else hosted the evening for the first time and it was a lovely evening with spouses and good food.  Once again, the book was similar to the movie, but with enough changes to keep this century's movie watchers engaged.

It was interesting to note that due to the end of school year craziness, although we finished the book club book, neither LRHB nor I had time to read anything else.  We need to figure out some balance for the next time around.

We are choosing A Wrinkle in Time as our next book club book.  I like the idea of this story because it is completely different from the last one, and it introduces our readers to a series of books, like the Ramona and Beezus book did.

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