Saturday, June 28, 2014

Resolution #18 Snail Mail

I know I did a resolution last year where I sent out cards.  And I am doing it again this year.  Here is a little bit about why...

In cleaning out my desk, I found a card I bought a few years back.  I bought it to send as a thank you note for flowers that I received for Mother's Day from my Auntie.  I was in Seattle, Washington with my family and it was a painted card of the Space Needle.  I brought it home and it promptly got misplaced with the scrapbook souvenir items.  I used a traditional card and sent it, wondering where that Space Needle card had put itself.  I found it later that summer and put it in my card drawer thinking I would send it to her another time.  This year in cleaning out my desk, came across it.  My Auntie died that same year, before I ever sent it to her.  I came across other cards I'd bought for other people that never got sent.  So, I took some time to send these cards.  There are two Christmas cards I bought for two different people.  Christmas in June!  I could wait, but then I would probably forget by Christmastime.  Or worse, they could be gone from my life.  

Think about it... to whom could you send card?  That Space Needle card, I am sending it to my cousin, my Auntie's son.  He became a father this year and I am behind on sending something for his little angel.  The card may not fit, but the sentiment is truly all that matters.  

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