Friday, June 20, 2014


More from Susan Mallery...

She had some stand alone romance novels that I thought I would try out.  I have decide to wait until the end of the summer to read her Fools Gold Year 5 novels and I didn't really have enough time in May to commit to reading a series, so I thought I would give those stand alone novels a try.  Two of them involve friends and the same small town.  I read them backwards, which didn't really impact me because I have never read a romance novel where the couple featured didn't get together (unless it was in a subsequent book because it was part of a series and they still got together and this wasn't the case with these books).  However, as I was reading the second book I kept thinking... why do these people sound familiar?  Overall, her Fools Gold series is some of her best writing.  

Accidentally Yours is based on a ridiculous premise, but the characters are likeable.  Falling for Gracie has likable characters and an original story line.  It is the best of the three.  It involves characters that got together in Someone Like You, however they weren't characters I particularly liked nor did I love the story line in that book.

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