Friday, June 20, 2014

Resolution 12

Cleaning out LRHB's room happened over some time.  Initially, we cleared out a bunch of stuff in preparation for his room transitioning from his little boy room (Cars) to his big boy room (Sports with a few Cars things leftover).  This was accomplished during Spring Break (with appropriate bribes for hard work!).

Next, once I had Teen Boy home and a blank check for helping mom/wife (Mother's Day), we took apart the bunks in one room, moved one of the beds into LRHB's room and retired the Little Tykes Car Bed that he'd been using since moving out of the crib, like 7 years ago.  Next, to eliminate needing 3 dressers in his room and shelves for clothing in the closet, we moved the VERY LARGE dresser from College boy's room in the basement.  First, he isn't moving back for the next two years (we hope) and wherever he is going, he cannot take this dresser with him, but will be able to use the two smaller dressers as they are far more transportable.

Finally, we have been taking down the Cars decorations and adding MORE sports posters than were already there.  It is a project nearing completion and he likes it which is the most important thing.

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