Saturday, September 1, 2012

43, 44...

I Will Carry You by Angie Smith tore my heart out.  There I was, in the dugout at baseball practice reading it in my new baseball-watching chair, crying and reading and reading and crying with the intermittent check on how practice is going and even a quick call to Hero Daddy to tell him how practice is going.  I had to take those breaks or I'd have been all out sobbing hysterically in front of strangers.  Did I mention it was the first practice of the season with no one we know on the team?  Several tissues were used.  In fact, when I left and went to my meeting, friends asked if I was okay because my voice was husky from crying and my eyes puffy.  That's a good look when you're in charge of the meeting, NOT!  So it might not be the book for you.  I read it because my friend Aimee ( was reading it and it was moving her in a powerful way.  I know now why.  Total AH-HA moment.  I do recommend this book for anyone out there who has a friend or family member that has lost a baby.  It tells you the story in a bruitful way and it tells you HOW TO BE THERE for that person.  Be in the moment.  Acknowledge.  Many of you know that my dear friend Sweet LM lost her daughter.  I really tried to be there for her and her family.  But feel like I fell short.  Some I know I did right... I'm not afraid to talk about her baby girl and SO MANY ARE!  Many act like it never happened.  But it did.  But I have regrets.  This book taught me what to do more of next time.  This was an amazing story in a horrible heartbreaking way that can lead to such growth.  I took notes.

After that, I had to go with brainless.  A sweet, romance from Debbie Macomber, A Girl Like Janet.  It was a Christian romance, to be honest.  With prayer and church and no hanky-panky.  I read it all poolside this afternoon.  Now, that's how to spend Labor Day Weekend. 

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