Sunday, September 16, 2012

Resolution 37 - Mend, Clean or Toss

DAWN DISH DETERGENT.  That's what I used to get the grease stains out.  I was getting ready to do a multi-step process with Goo Gone, but saw on Yahoo something about tough stains or laundry or something.  Click, click, click and there was the solution in black and white.  I glanced over my shoulder at the sink... yep, I actually had DAWN.  So I covered the stains with the DAWN.  And I waited the hour (or so).  And I washed them.  And then I rinsed again cause I had also used laundry detergent and there were still soap suds in the washer after round one.  CLEAN!  GONE!  AMAZING!  Apparently, if you draw on the grease stain with chalk, that also will get it out, but I've not got chalk.  I've got the POWER OF DAWN!  I've also got clean shirts to wear!  Happy me!

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