Sunday, September 16, 2012

Famous! Well, not really, but sorta!

Last week I blogged about our Summer Book Club.  Which I really need to start calling our Book Club because we are continuing it.  One reason I blogged about it was as prep work for this:

I was asked to Guest Blog on a reading promise blog site and I said yes.  The above is my Guest Blog and I am really proud that I someone else wanted to print what I had to say!  It is very similar to what I wrote on my site last week, but has some additional information included for those folks that don't know me.

The other reason I blogged about it was because I am proud that this group is continuing.  And as I shared my story about being a guest blogger, "others" (some that I invited the first time around) acted like this was such a great idea.  Perhaps next month, I will extend my invitation to the "others" (again).  In the meantime, happy reading!

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