Thursday, August 30, 2012

Is that me?

I really struggle with the end of summer.  I abhor sending the boys back to school.  It makes me cry.  Out of sadness, not joy.  I love the summer.   I love the heat and the pool and no homework.  So with this being the last week of the outdoor pool season, I have been trying to get there everyday this week with the LRHB.  So Monday, the storm (no chance of showers) rolled in about the time to pick him up.  We decided after dinner to go in the evening, but that just reaffirmed why I love outdoor pools and not indoor ones since even though the storm had moved on, they didn't reopen the outside pool.  Tuesday, I got him picked us and we headed straight there trying to beat the black cloud, but as we were walking in, rumble, rumble, rumble.  Now that storm was definitely not headed toward us.  So I asked if it was possible to reopen at a later time.  Sure they said.  So someone will be keeping an eye on that?  Sure they said.  Not so much.  Never reopened.  LRHB swam and I sat in my misery by the pool. 

And in my misery I discovered this man in one of the lap lanes walking.  Walking and talking.  To himself.  With feeling and inflection.  And I did think... that man is crazy!  He's talking to himself.  I can see his lips moving, his head moving with purpose.  He is a crazy man!  A crazy man at my pool.  THEN I HAD ANOTHER THOUGHT:  Is that me?  Is that what I look like when I am saying the rosary and swimming laps?  I LOOK LIKE A CRAZY MAN?!  I must.  It did help me a little get out of my blah mood, but I still refused to get in the pool.

Yesterday, no storm.  Because we couldn't go to the pool cause we had our first baseball practice.  UGH.  Summer really is over.  Today, no storm comin'.  I can predict that this early in the afternoon because I am working until 5 and then going to a baseball game.  Predicting rain for tomorrow.  Just cause...

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