Monday, September 17, 2012

Why I Didn't Prep for Bible Study

Why else?  A book.  Instead of doing any of my resolutions, instead of interacting with my sick teen (who quite frankly was relieved I was leaving him to his own devices), instead of doing some household chores or prepping for bible study, I picked up a book, read it all day long, and finished it.

This is another title I got from the back of I Will Carry You and I really need to figure out some other books to read besides heart wrenching memoirs.  comeback:  a mother and daughter's journey through hell and back was a compelling story of a mother helping her daughter survive the pain of incest and drug abuse.  It made me cringe in horror.  It made me so thankful for my life, my upbringing, my husband, my choices, my GOD.  After all, HE played a role in all of these things that have brought me to this point, a journey far different from this family.  Interestingly, unlike I Will Carry You there is only a slight faith reference (from this Jewish mom) throughout the book, but what is there, is true.  I couldn't put it down.  From each step forward, backward and sideways, I needed to see this story through to the end; not unlike the protagonist who needs to see her daughter back into her life.

Now, from the title, you can ascertain that she does come back, so I'm not ruining the story.  There were times that alone kept me going.  Today, I did some research into where they are now, 6 years later and have discovered a new book by them that I need to investigate.  It looks at the evolution of their relationship and also a global perspective of mothers/adult daughters.  In fact, they were just in Huffington Post less than a month ago and are having book signings over the next month ( and  Come on Katie Couric... add them to your show cause theirs is a journey of survival!


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