Sunday, September 9, 2012

Resolution Revolution!

I looked at my calendar on my phone when Father A told us too in church this morning and discovered that my phone calendar tells me which week it is in the year.  So cool!  So as I was going to write this week's resolution (and last week's), I discovered I am further behind than I thought I was.  WHAT?!  Are you kidding me?!  Okay, I can roll with that.

Resolution 35: Clear off a book shelf.  You guys know I am a book FREAK.  I love reading and I love books.  However, over the years, I collected books that aren't really anything I am ever gonna read again.  Or that I never read.  See it's funny.  If I am cleaning out a room, I don't clear off the book shelf.  I straighten the books, I dust the shelf.  I don't clear out the old for the new.  I will say the inspiration for this came when I cleaned out my bible study bag and had 3 books to put on my bookshelf, but there was no room.  And Kelle is cleaning out too,

Resolution 36:  Clean out the Garage.  Seriously, I thought this would be one over the summer, but the summer is now gone, giving way to fall and the garage still needs cleaning.  And it's got to get done before the cold comes back around.

Resolution 37:  Mend, Clean or Toss.  Ripped pants.  Items with missing buttons.  Grease stained tshirts.  At the end of this week,  these need to be resolved.  Seriously, I have 12 tshirts with grease stains.  I really need to wear an apron.

Resolution 38:  Get the mail.  Regularly.  And do something with it, don't pile it up on the counter.  I'm getting ahead cause I think this stuff is going to take me two weeks and I need to figure this mail thing out.  I just never get it and it is across the street.

Resolution 28:   Clean out your freezer.  Don't know what it is, throw it out!  Don't remember how long it's been there, throw it out.  Take inventory and use it up before shopping for more.

Now, that might throw you off a little bit... resolution 28.  That's because I took stock in my year and I discovered that I had resolved twice to make a chore list.  Okay, it still isn't made, but that doesn't mean I can keep resolving to do it.  That is just against the rules.  And the year isn't over, so that chore list may still get made.

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