Sunday, September 23, 2012


Well, it must be fall if I've got kiddos home from school sick.  One or the other or both ALL week long except for Friday.  And Friday I went on the field trip with the second graders and held a tarantula (ewwww).  So Teen boy was struck down last weekend with illness.  A trip to the doc on Monday didn't confirm strep, but sinusitis in the extreme.  By Tuesday, LRHB decided he too wanted to be at home so he came up with the mysterious tummy ailment.  That was pretty real all night long Tuesday night/Wednesday morning resulting in a MOMMY CANNOT TAKE WATCHING YOU IN PAIN ANYMORE moment and a trip to the ER to rule out the mysterious appendicitis.  Not appendicitis.  TIP:  If they can jump up and down, they don't have appendicitis.  "Wish I'd known that an hour ago."  I actually did say that to the very nice ER doc.  Sometimes I need a mouth filter. 

What did I accomplish this week... hmm.  umm.  hmm.  Well, I was a one woman entertainment committee.  And for a mom, that is A LOT.  And I can live with that.

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