Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Teen Boy No More

I have to rename my middle child.  He is Teen Boy no more.  He turned 20 last month and he is amazing.  And while we are on the subject, College Boy graduated, also amazing.  What is a momma to do!?  College Boy is, however, still going to school, a different kind of college you might say.  So, I think I will leave his name alone.  He will have another name, some day, just not today.

Teen Boy, however will now become Tech Boy because he is a genius when it comes to tech stuff.  

I love the men my boys are becoming.  They have drive and a love of learning and (most importantly) a love of family.  They are good to the LRHB when they are home.  And they text asking how his baseball games are going.  And talk to him on the phone.  In a few weeks, my LRHB will be double digits.  While I love the young man he is becoming, I long for the days when he was my baby.  Sort of.  Big, hot, mess of thoughts and feelings.  

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