Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Resolution 32

Make a Dream Come True

You know you have talked about it.  Dreamed about it.  But what is stopping you from doing it?  It might be something insurmountable.  But how will you know unless you try...

I was worried about how much money it would take because it would cost a lot to take all of us.  Then I worried about when we would do it and how I would coordinate three different school schedules with two different work schedules.  However, when I said, "I want this to happen!" I began to look at the problem through different eyes.  Why are we all going when I really only want to take one of my children?  Oh, that sounded harsh to my mother's heart, but it was true.  I looked back over the big boys first 10/12 years and the trips we took prior to having "the baby".  Then I looked back over LRHB's trips and I decided that although I am not a mom that believes that everything should be balanced and fair, I am neither a mom that believes that it should be too out of balance.  So when I readjusted my expectations for this trip, it became more affordable, easier to coordinate and a reality.  Where are we going?  Disney World!

Perhaps, if you look at your dream through different eyes, you can make it come true, too!

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