Saturday, November 15, 2014

Resolutions 25 & 26


I find it ironic that my 25th resolution for this year was (I discovered when I went back to my list) the same resolution I had last year!  This time, the one in the garage just was too much for me to handle!  At some point a soda had exploded in the garage fridge and hadn't gotten cleaned up.  I took the whole thing apart and scrubbed it top to bottom, freezer part too!  I must say, when it is said and done, it is such a feeling of accomplishment!


I have two refrigerators (freezer/fridge) and one full size freezer.  I like to put up freezer meals and buy in bulk.  I have many people to feed from time to time and find that I love having all of these at my disposal (we wouldn't call this minimalist thinking!).  The summer is the best time to clean out the freezer.  I first use up all the stuff that is hidden in it, that one freezer meal no one likes anymore, the apple pie left over from I don't know when and we make smoothies with the frozen fruit I bought thinking I was going to start drinking smoothies for breakfast again this summer (and instead didn't).  Then we unplug and leave it open for it to thaw (because the ice builds up when it gets left open on a semi-regular basis!).  The satisfaction of frost free shelves usually only lasts about a week until someone leaves it open.  again.

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