Monday, November 17, 2014

Resolutions #27 & #28

#27  Clean out a bedroom
#28  Clean out a bedroom

So my middle one has a passion for Legos.  But seriously, at some point they begin to take over the room.  Especially since he doesn't live here most of the year anymore.  He had to go through and decide which he was going to continue to display and which he was going to bag up for storage because it was time to downsize the shelving units in his room (I needed them for the play room!).  At the same time, I had to come to the understanding that he has no desire or need for a) jeans, b) long sleeved shirts, or c) clothing that doesn't fit because he no longer swims every day.  Donate, donate, donate!  His room was rearranged as it no longer has bunk beds and seems sparse, but it is the beginning of him moving out.  I haven't had thoughts of what I could do with his room, however, I am contemplating an air mattress for when we have much family here.

The oldest has his own apartment that is no longer room and board free.  Because for the last two years of college, he lived in an apartment on campus, he had some things to go in it, but needed other stuff.  Dressers and end tables he raided from home.  The desk from his bedroom.  While he was moving the stuff he wanted, I had him clear out the other stuff he'd been leaving behind.  Not going to wear ____, great let's donate.  Those are your text books; let's box them and move them to your place.  And once he was done, I've rearranged and made it more of a guest bedroom.  Yes, he can still sleep there, but now he has to share the dresser with the stuff my parents leave here.  And I took down his bulletin board and moved it upstairs to LRHB's room. 

I count this as two resolutions because it was a lot of work and it was two separate areas.

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