Sunday, September 15, 2013

This is WHY

I took my Teen Boy all over California last August to view schools that he really, really wanted to attend.  Some fell off the list, others moved up and another trip to CA in the fall secured the choice for early acceptance.  In the end, he didn't get into those schools and ended up at a state school.  Secretly, momma was okay with that even if it meant watching her boy's dream die.  I'm honest to a fault.


On Labor Day he was biking to class when the chain came off and the brakes failed and his face met with a brick landscaping wall.  He was in surgery by lunch to repair the deep lacerations to his face.  Unfortunately, the concussion is the thing that is bringing us the most trouble as it will linger on.  for WEEKS.  But we were on the road within 25 minutes of finding out.  We took him to the ER.  We were there while he underwent surgery.  We took him home with us and watched and cared for him that night.  We took him back to campus the next day (hardest.thing.).  And we picked him up three days later to replenish his spent spirit and support him while he gave his body the time it needed to heal.  We took him back three days later for the follow-up appointment with the surgeon.  We were there:  holding him, caring for him, listening to him, feeding him, medicating him, supporting him.  Because he was only 75 minutes away from us.  This is why God put him at that school.  He knew what was coming and that we'd need to be there for him.

God has a plan.  You may not see it today, but He knows.

Another thought, we are so blessed by Him that the damage was not worse.  Thank you, Jesus, for giving us what we can handle.  You know our hearts better than we do.

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