Sunday, September 29, 2013

Resolution 39 - Fall Clothes

Yes, it is that time of year... the weather is changing here (or so they say) and I've looked through the drawers only to discover that my boy is going to be cold.  Soon.  And college boy needs some new pants, too!  So make a list of those things that you need to purchase so you can pick things up as those emails come to you about sales or free shipping.  Perhaps, the need is more urgent and you need to plan a trip to purchase a couple of items to get you on your way.

In our case, we no longer have enough underwear for LRHB to make it through the week.  And his boxers are getting to small also.  So the boxers are going to the list to shop for eventually (like new pajama pants and sweat pants) and I made a late night Target run for new underwear.  Happy Shopping!

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