Sunday, September 15, 2013

3.5 Books... read on and discover what I mean

I have been back in Fools Gold, California.  It is the town that Susan Mallery sets her series in and I've just finished reading the next three books in the series.  And a cookbook that contained a short romance story as well.  That would be the .5.  I mean, the story was short.  Although I read through the titles of the recipes and even investigated a couple, I am pretty sure I won't actually be making any.  I just got the cookbook so I could read the story contained within.  And the fact that I discovered that was sheer dumb luck.  I was actually spending time in Barnes & Noble the other day, window shopping, when I saw the cookbook on the shelves.  A whole Susan Mallery display, as a matter of fact, was at the end of one of the rows.  And right on the cover of the cookbook it informed me that there was a story contained within the pages of the cookbook!  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?  I confess, I didn't purchase it.  I downloaded it from the library and read the story.  It was cute.  A little forgettable compared to the tumultuous tales of the other three books release this summer.   

In case you're keeping count, I'm at 58.5 books and counting...

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