Monday, September 30, 2013

Books 64-69

I know now that the new TV season is upon us, my reading will probably slow down some.  However, as I reloaded my Nook today, I know that reading is really part of who I am and I will always make time for it.

I finished Debbie Macomber's Navy Series the best I could.  One of the books still hasn't been sold for digital so my options are to try to purchase that one book used or go without.  Yeah, I'm going with the latter for now.  The books are not really inter-related in this series.  The first couple made mention of a couple of folks, but after that, not so much. (64-66)

I then read Debbie's very first book she sold to Harlequin.  With the amount of references to pray and having a relationship with God, I am really surprised they purchased it.  Personally, I liked it, God talk and all, though you can really see that her ability to bring a story to conclusion has improved throughout her writing years.  The title of this book is Heartsong.  

I then read The Vow, by Kim and Krickett Carpenter.  This real life story about going through a terrible accident and surviving because of their faith was very compelling.  It is a very quick read and I am looking forward to watching the Hollywood version, though I am quite aware that it doesn't demonstrate the same power of faith.  They made a pledge before God when they married each other and it took A LOT of work to stay married.  It is very inspirational and I highly recommend it. 

This afternoon, I finished the last Debbie book on my Nook, This Matter of Marriage.  It is a timeless tale of boy being in love with his ex-wife while female friend next door is tackling blind dates in hopes of marrying.  Yes, these two friends finally discover that their key to happiness is right next door, but along the way others also find love.  Sigh.

I have reloaded my Nook with several books recommended by various authors in Ladies Home Journal or friends on FB or Blogs I've read.  Debbie is safely tucked away except for Saturday evenings when I tune into the Cedar Cove television series on the Hallmark Channel. 

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