Sunday, September 15, 2013


Do you follow the now infamous Duck Dynasty?

I have followed conversations about it.  I have admired shirts on proud folks who have gotten Duck Dynasty apparel.  I've met folks that know folks in the Duck Dynasty family.  However, until last night, I had not seen Duck Dynasty.  Following a family dinner around the table with my brother who was visit, we congregated in front of the TV after a day of watching football, soccer and rain, to discover that Duck Dynasty was on.  Not sure which was the most amusing:  the full-body laughing of my boys, my brother explaining it to us or my husband yelling at them to close the back of the truck!  It was so fun to kick back and enjoy the hilarity of it all.

Quack, quack, quack.  Not sure, but I am pretty sure that my husband has now put it on his DVR to record.  Everyone needs laughter in their lives so if it brings him some, fabulous!  For now, I'll do my laughing while watching Devious Maids.

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