Sunday, September 15, 2013

Resolution Week 34

Learn Something New...

This week I have two children starting a new school year.  This is a time to renew their passion for learning and the best way to do this is take time to learn something yourself.  This is not going out on a limb for me because I am learning new material now that I am working.  My sons have seen me take classes last winter and spring as well as this month.

But I am wondering if I let me children know through the years that I was learning something new.  Did I communicate when I was reading biographies that I was learning from other peoples examples?  When I tried a new tool in the kitchen or to grow a new plant in the garden, did I tell them I was learning something new?  Did they know that when I was going to Bible Study that I was learning more about my faith and myself?  I have been learning even if I haven't been enrolled in school.  However, I think that communicating that to your people is something we don't take the time to do.  Take the time, share something that you've learned recently with your student so they know that you know that it is hard to learn something new.

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