Sunday, September 15, 2013

Princess Sophia

I love people that view all young people as lazy, self-centered and entitled.  I have a friend that is a senior in college and she embodies none of those characteristics.  I could wax poetic on her summer internship working with homeless youth or her commitment to Young Life or her family.  Instead I will tell you what I found when I clicked on FB today.  Pictures of a birthday party celebrating Princess Sophia.  It was obvious from the photos that none of the eight in attendance were celebrating their birthday and the blog below was mentioned.  So I read it.  It will break your heart and inspire you in the same moment.

They were celebrating with cards and hats and a cake, this precious young life.  People who cannot see the good among today's "young people" need to meet these young people.  Our future in their hands is bright indeed in the things that matter.

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