Sunday, September 29, 2013

Resolution 38 - Freezer Meals

Last month, my sweet LM organized a cooking day so that when I started work, I would have one thing taken care of... dinner.  We cooked breakfasts and dinners that day; a productive day indeed as I am just using up the final meals.  It has been such a life-saver, I am putting together a cooking day for this coming weekend to restock the freezer.

I find that we use fresh ingredients so that the meals are healthier for our families.  Everyone needs a healthier approach to last minute dinner madness, so I recommend that you too take on freezer meals.  It is far better than my old plan of having something in the freezer for those crazy days that I bought at the store pre-made.  Like potpies or lasagna.  I am making my own potpies and lasagna!  The healthier version!  Of course, not everything is "healthy".  I don't want to mislead you.  In fact, LRHB requested Tatertot casserole as one of the meals.  And it is a comfort food, surely, however, not what I'd call healthy.  Guess that's why I'm only making one!

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