Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My Crew, My Boys, My Heart

We've been rather busy this month, my boys and I!  I was fortunate enough to pick up College Boy and take him to a band competition earlier this month.  Weather was lousy, he was super helpful, Teen Boy was surprised and we had a really great half day together.  He and I had lunch together, just the two of us and it was really special.  Fast forward a five days and LRHB and I were back visiting College Boy.  This time he took US to lunch at the food court on campus... his meal plan comes with guest meals.  I told him he shouldn't have told me that cause I'm never taking him out again if he gets 10 meals a quarter for guests!  He played air hockey with LRHB in the "honors lounge". LRHB had only been there once 6 weeks ago and he told me on the car ride up that he wanted to play; I'd forgotten all about it.  College Boy is doing great again this school year and is enjoying being an RA.  He was Desk Agent of the Moment so I took a picture of the bulletin board advertising that which I think slightly embarrassed him.  I'm a proud momma; that's what I do... celebrate!  Last night, I got up at 3 am and texted with him for 45 minutes.  He had been ill and I wanted to check on him, but knew over the weekend he was working and sleeping and studying for the next round of tests.  At 3 am he was working so I knew that he'd be up and free to "chat".  It was nice catching up with him, but I'm sure I'll be cranky later!

Teen Boy is having a fabulous senior year.  I do realize that this time next year he'll be a College Boy but he'll still be a teen so...  I had a MOM moment last week.  I sent him away to visit a college solo.  Big Billy Goat Gruff (somehow that name for my brother came to me on my way home today - probably because I have 3 brothers and there are three billy goats gruff) asked why I was stressing about it?  Didn't I remember how much fun we had when HE came to visit ME in college.  YES I REMEMBER!  THAT'S WHY I AM STRESSING!  Loads of laughs from him.  Oh, he'll get his.  He's got daughters!  Teen Boy's meeting scholarship and application deadlines, keeping up mostly with schoolwork (what can I say, he hates Wuthering Heights) and is rocking the marching band which is headed to state again, woo hoo!  He even went (stag) to the Homecoming Dance and came home a big, hot sweaty mess proving he was cutting a rug!  Wish I'd been a fly on that wall.  We're waiting our first acceptance which could come anytime now.  AND after failing a test in his college math class, he said that he'd follow MY IDEAS about how to succeed in that class.  It is still possible for him to get an "A", but he's gonna have to work his butt off.  It is an exciting time and I am already teary at the idea that Friday night is his last football game.

LRHB is all boy, all the time.  He played fall baseball and in spite of being not one of the oldest kids on the team, he was one of the strongest players.  He enjoyed himself and after winning only 1 GAME in the regular season, they killed it in the tournament placing 1st runner up and earning a tshirt.  In the end, it was so cool, but playing three straight nights was stressful!  In his spare time he's been swimming and rocked it at the swim meet this past weekend cutting time in every race and NOT DQing!  YAHOO!  This after attending practices with 6 different coaches in 2 months due to baseball conflicts.  So flexible sometimes.  So mouthy other times.  Although he does go to school, he'd prefer to be outside playing football all day long.  He's actually doing really well in school and loves his teacher.  Teen Boy had this same teacher 10 years ago and she's just improved with time.  Totally committed to what's best for her kiddos.  I love volunteering in 2nd grade in his classroom; makes my week fantastic!

I feel like I had more to say, funnier stuff to say, but can't remember exactly what it is.  Hero Daddy is keeping up with LRHB when I'm off to band stuff, enjoying the Race for the Chase (NASCAR) and trying to dominate in all of his Fantasy Football leagues.  He continues to support me in my raising of the brood, but is hoping I'll find a job soon.  Suggestions?

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