Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And the resolutions roll on...

Fall has truly arrived.  And just like a mother gets nesting urges prior to delivery, fall brings cleaning urges to my soul.  It could just be guilt because I've had a cleaning epiphany:  I'm a lousy house cleaner.  And I came to this enlightenment in this way...

So resolution for this week was going to be clean the baseboards.  And as I was cleaning baseboards yesterday, I thought how it would be a good resolution and how I could go through the entire house and clean them (see how that worked?  I was doing something and decided to make it a resolution which is how they come about some weeks).  And then I thought to myself, what is my resolution journey supposed to be about? (because when you are cleaning baseboards, you have a lot of thinking time!)  Perhaps, if I list cleaning baseboards as a resolution people will laugh because this is something they do all the time.  Perhaps everyone else in the world (or at least everyone who lives in houses with baseboards) cleans their baseboards weekly or monthly, not annually.  Do they?  Am I like the worst housekeepper ever?  And as I am actually cleaning the mirror (being short means I often will wipe down counters without ever cleaning the mirror), I thought, "I bet people wash their mirrors more frequently, too."  And the spiral downward began.  I mean, I still haven't created that cleaning chore list... why?  Perhaps I know deep down inside that it is because I will not actually follow it.  I am a need-to-clean cleaner.  Dinner guests coming?  Need to Clean.  Someone coming to stay?  Need to Clean.  Spill copious amounts of sticky icky stuff on floor?  Need to Clean.  See the pattern.  I do want to clarify... I don't live in a pit.  I start nearly every day out sweeping the floor and every evening wiping down counters.  I know where the vacuum is and I've been teaching the LRHB how to use it. I have trained Teen Boy to wipe down bathrooms in advance of people arriving.  I just surface clean, ya know?

But as I finished cleaning the baseboards in my big old bathroom (see not even the whole house, just one room), I felt a tremendous sense of accomplishment!  Then I got on FB and discovered my Sweet LM was trying to get motivated to clean.  And apparently so were many of her FB friends commenting that when she finds said motivation, to pass it along.  So how can I motivate?  Start a challenge?  It being the beginning of the month (okay so its the second week), perhaps if I work really hard and get the entire home into a place of cleanliness, maintaining it will be easier with a program.  And perhaps if I am doing that, my Sweet LM will get on board with me!  And perhaps then her friends will too!  And I will realize my LIFELONG DREAM to be QUEEN OF HOUSECLEANING!  or not.

Resolution 41 - Clean the baseboards.  Anything more than that will be gravy.  Yesterday's gravy was my master bathroom.  Minus the shower cause that's another project.

Suggestions welcome!

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