Thursday, October 4, 2012

Follow-up to Resolution 28 and Resolution 40

I thought it might amuse you if I recapped some of the things I found in my freezers when I cleaned them out...
  1. Mystery brown liquid #1 - I think it might have been broth, but just not sure.
  2. Mystery brown liquid #2 - beer.  Mike didn't like it so I froze it to use while cooking.  This just happened over labor day weekend, so I will probably make cheddar beer soup this weekend and get it used up.
  3. Mystery red stuff - pretty sure it was tomato paste, but I usually freeze tomato paste in 1 T dollops so I ditched it.
  4. Apple pie leftover from last Thanksgiving.  Looks fine so we'll probably eat it. 
  5. Bag of sweet potatoes from last winter.  Those look good too so I will probably try to work them into the dinner rotation soon(ish).  Before Thanksgiving for sure.
  6. Jam we made last year.  Need to give it out because I'm in the process of making more. 
Resolution 40 is to clean out the refrigerator.  Who knows what I'll find!

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