Monday, October 22, 2012

If you give a mom a cloth, she's going to want a mop!

If you wipe down the baseboards, you're going to realize that the window sills need serious attention, not a quick wipe with the cloth like you've been doing all summer.  And if you wipe down the window sills really well, you're going to discover that the windows need cleaning.  And if you clean the windows on the inside, you discover you're going to need to clean the outside.  And if you clean the outside, you will discover your flower beds need weeding and the lawn needs fertilizing.  And when you go into the garage to get the fertilizer spreader, you discover that weeks ago you pledged to clean the garage and it still hasn't happened.  So you go in the house to get a drink (cause don't ya deserve one) and wash your hands when you see the cloth that you were using to wipe down the baseboards and remember that you haven't finished that job so you go back to it only to discover that the walls need to be wiped down, too.  So Resolution 43 is WINDOWS.  Resolution 44 is prepping the yard for winter before it arrives (again) on Friday. 

Happy Monday!

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