Monday, October 22, 2012

Not my journey, not my journey

As I read Kisses for Katie, I had to repeat the mantra "not my journey, not my journey," so that I wouldn't be consumed with Catholic guilt.  This beautiful young woman gives up the "traditional American dream" of college and marriage to her high school sweetheart and having babies down the road from mom for FOLLOWING JESUS.  Seriously, she FOLLOWS JESUS in all of her decisions. 

Her story is a little like the If You Give a Mouse a Cookie book.  If you send Katie to Uganda to teach, she's going to want to feed her students.  And after she feeds them, she's going to want to give them medical care.  And after getting them medical care, she'll find many more that want to go to school and need to figure out how to send them.  And after sending more and more children to school, she's going to find little souls that need a mommy.  So she becomes a mommy.

In every endeavour, she prays.  She actively seeks Him and teaches about Him and lives her life for Him.  Wow.  It's her journey.  But, I am thinking more about how MY journey which doesn't involve going to Africa could look a little more like He would like. 

I totally recommend this book if reading about someone who has dedicated her life to God is your thing.  It isn't everyone's thing and if it isn't, you'll hate this book.  It took me months to get the book from the library, like 3-4, so put your name on the list now.  One reason is it isn't a quick read, not that it is boring either.  Maybe it is just me, but I kept getting her daughters and their stories mixed up and I needed a timeline, also, to help me follow her story.  But she's amazing.  Her 501C is Amazina found here:  I cannot wait to go on her blog and attempt to get caught up; here is her blog:

Happy Reading!

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